Why iMDeduper ? What is better from File / View > Show Duplicates menu on iTunes ?

From File > Show Duplicates menu on iTunes.

  • We can't adjust the duplicates criteria. iTunes will display songs with the same name and artist as duplicates. At many cases we want to find duplicates which have the same name,title & album or any combination which is not possible on iTunes.

  • The built-in function on iTunes is hard to use because you need to select/mark the musics you want to delete manually one by one, it's ok if there are only few of them, but imagine if there are hundreds or even thousands duplicates !

So iMDeduper comes with the solutions.

  • We can adjust the duplicates criteria on iMDeduper.

    You can set the criteria of duplicates, whether it's the same name,artist,album and/or time. Same name & artist. Or any combination that you want.

  • The Auto Mark feature on iMDeduper is very handy and will save a lot of your time. You can automatically select songs by comparing bitrate, time, size, rating, play count, date added, artwork, kind or folder

    The most important feature is "Mark except one" which will select all duplicates except a song on each duplicates group. And it's automatically too!

Download your free trial today to see whether it will help you.